Justin Saint is a Vancouver-based Filipino-Chinese voiceover actor and singer originally from Manila, Philippines.

Justin fell in love with performing after being cast in their kindergarten school play as a tree... who rescues the Queen. The script would let their imagination run wild with fantastical landscapes to tell that story as they brought joy to the kingdom night after night.

Despite initial resistance from their family, Justin was determined to pursue the arts. They studied Shakespeare at Carousel Theatre and finished the Global Makeup Artistry Program at Blanche MacDonald Centre, working as a makeup artist, bodypainter, and performer for various opera, circus, theatre, film, and drag productions. Justin was also a radio host on CiTR 101.9FM and studied voiceover at On The Mic and Queer Vox Academy.

As an actor, performer, and artist, Justin pulls inspiration from their unique skillset to deliver a wide range of characters -- flamboyant nobles, commanding officers, maniacal villains, precocious teens, and charming princes (who can sing!)

Justin is an avid lover of cats and dogs and proudly supports RAPS Cat Sanctuary in Richmond, BC and Action For Animals rescue in Burnaby, BC. They are also an advocate for Stem Cell Club Canada.


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